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Tip how to avoid trap of a scammer:

Who are scammers?

Scam, scammers? Have you ever heard about scammers? Who are scammers? it is network swindlers. They appear in an image of the person looking lovely with the purpose to squeeze as much money out of you as possible, giving nothing in exchange. Nothing except a broken heart and frustration, loss of money and trust... But who are these scammers? You will be surprised to know that the woman (you thought it was women?) wasn't a woman at all! Yes, in more than 95% of internet scam, scammers are young men, teenagers, students. Young males who use photos of beautiful girls to entrap you. They take photos (nowadays it is so easy to get anything on internet) of any nice girl who doesn't know about it and doesn't suspect that someone, using her name, is making acquaintances with the sole intention of scam and fraud.


Who falls victim of these scammers?

Mostly men of course. While occasionally even women, usually rich aged women. are victims. Such women fall into the trap of a scammer, especially if he sends her photos of a handsome guy and promise to be a caring husband and love her forever.

People who tend to become victims, usually get caught up on pretty (handsome) faces, sweet words and endless promises that, by the way, are too good to be true!. They believe that the person whom they correspond with has a serious intention to get married. Sometimes scammers can even send photos of so-called family, saying it is his or her mother or father - again false photos from internet and even false postal addresses or even passport copies.


From personal experience : correspondance with scammer

Sometimes - and we are talking of real experiences of our clients -a girl could give you a phone number of a tour agency or home-affairs office (in her small town) - and there will be somebody who will answer you, even in good English. Beware, as they too could be part of the scam - in reality such office or agency does NOT exist. People who answer you are part of this scam (remember, again and again, in most cases it is young males and their friends).


First signs of being scammed

How to recognize scammers?

Beware! First you receive beautiful letters, with promises of eternal love and fidelity, and then start to inform you about the problems and asking for financial help. The scheme, as you can see, are most simple, even primitive. Requests occur differently, as well as the amount/sums. It all depends on impudence of the swindler and its representation, with whom it corresponds and how rich and gullible you are.

Usually a pretext for similar requests become a payment via the Internet, telephone conversations, the help to sick relatives, children, parents or, eventually, payment of the visa and a trip to favourite tour site. And feeding a quivering hope to find happiness grooms a person to lose vigilance because the warm feelings aspire to help the beloved. The first request is followed not seldom by the second, then the third. But what disappointment of potential grooms when they understand that they have been deceived!

Then your letters don't get answers anymore, often they come back, not having found such address, nor for the girl to be found, which besides appears not to be a girl at all, but the real scammer - cunning guy.


Scammers and you. What should you do?

Those who search for serious relationships in dating sites, certainly, know that such phenomena does exist in Internet, and obviously, do not wish to fall for the bait swindlers. But how is it possible to be protected from them? Decisions are such. If a person literally almost immediately complains of life and a low financial position it is the first signal to which it is necessary to pay attention. Certainly, in life all happens, and it is quite possible, that your penpal-woman really has some problems (by the way,. who of us don't!) but usually Russian women try to sort it out with the assistance of their relatives or old friends. Decent persons will never ask some stranger to help leave alone even expect to really receive this help.

Also pay attention and be very careful with someone who promises you too much in the very first letters. Or wishes to come to visit you as soon as possible - real Russian women will never behave forward or willing to go to unknown place without corresponding with you for a while. Thay would rather prefer you to come to their place and meet their family.


Letters of scammers

Below are the letters (COMING SOON) that received by one of our ex-member in another dating site. He was on the verge of sending the requisted amount (more than 2,000 USD) but was wise enough to ask us for advice. He confide in us and we helped him to the best of our ability. Moreover, we advice him to ask for a home phone number, usage of webcam, introduce to her family in real life onilne in the webcam. So-called girl denied webcam request reasoning that she doesn't have webcam and her computer is old and won't be compatible. Then we recommended to write to her that one of his friend is going to Russia on business trip, asking her to meet him. And, on top of this, to tell her, that wife of his friend is also from Russia and she wants to correspond with her. After that he never heard from that scammer again. And in a matter of only 2 months after that scam story that could have cost him over 3.000 USD and broken heart for life, with our personal advice he met one lady on our site and got married. Indeed, he is very appreciative for our help and for saving him money and from hurt. His story is one of our successful story in our site and accompanied with photo from his wedding where some of our marrymecity team branch in his country were also invited.

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