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How to recognize scammers?

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How to recognize scammers?

Some significant signs that most likely you are corresponding with scammer:

1) too many words of endearment such as 'dear', 'love' and/or similar words in each and every letter

2) extreme emphasise made one on 'being lonely' and on 'honesty'

3) letters arrive regularly

4) your questions are mostly unanswered, written in very brief and not in the main body of a letter

5) almost each and every letter accompanied with new photo. They become more and more revealing and even more attractive than in the beginning of the correspondence

6) frequent reference to finance and money matters. Usually request for a particular amount of USD or Euros for passport, visa, ticket etc. Though it varies: it might sound like a decent complaint about a relative or child's health and urgent necessity to buy expensive medication or undertake a costly operation

7) repeatedly sent letters about 'I wish to meet you as soon as possible', sweet expectations on a happy future married life, with detailed promises of being loving, committed.

For example one of our clients who began to receive unsolicited letters from a so-called girl (who happened to be just a scammer) from a online marriage agencies, he almost fell prey to those scamming letters of false promises. The first letter was general and rather polite relating that 'she' was very lonely and would love to find man of her dreams. Emphasis was made on Loneliness.

The second and third letters were more of a private nature, containing attachments - photos of young beautiful, blond/brunette girl (while scammers usually are young males, remember that!) and mentioned many times that it is impossible to find a deserving decent man in her small town and that age and race is of no importance for her. That the 'heart' and honesty is the only matter s which count. Yes, scammers love to emphasise on honesty and truth in order to gain more attention and trust.

From the fourth letter onwards each one contained numerous 'dear', 'lovely', 'miss you' and talks about love, dreams etc.

Each letter was accompanied with photo/s (even though he did not request any). She told him that she owned a flat, intending to sell it in order to buy property in his country (or they could buy a better house for their future as they were going to have lovely children and would need more space): She said that she is hardworking and don't want to stay at home, she would prefer to work and make her contribution to the family budget. And so on, and so on.

After about 2 weeks of regular correspondence (remember, scammer can send more than 2 thousands emails per day to her potential victims), the scammer talked about 'her' relatives, sent photos with false 'grandmother and grandfather'! Now and again complaints about life there (which normal real woman will never do!) and pressurising for sending invitation and beginning of preparation of travel arrangements.

From these, one can easily recognise a scam - this internet fraud: scammer was pressing hard, few times in each and every letter, to get all necessary information, to send money (the exact sum was specified - this amount for passport, this - for visa, and this- the largest sum - for ticket).

To sound more authentic, the scammer gave a false phone number of a tour agency in her town who would arrange everything for her. Our client specially phoned there - somebody replied in English and confirmed that such-and-such really applied for visa and her documentations are not in the process, as the payment should be done first. It is again plan of the scam - if scammer acts alone by himself only, then he would give cell number and he himself will answer. If the scammer is in a scammers group, then they could even rent a flat with a landline phone number & fax, and a full-time English speaking person would reply to calls of future victims. To find out whether this is true or not, is easy - find out the name of this 'agency', get the phone number of the home affairs in that town and find out from them whether such agency exist, and if yes, what is their real phone number.

TIP: Usually scammers are from small towns, as in Moscow and Saint Petersburg nowadays salaries are so high that it is much easier to just have regular employment than commit such crimes . Besides to rent a flat in Moscow (to use for scam-office) is extremely expensive, which would not make scamming cost-effective.

In the case with our client we warned him that we were 99% sure it was a scam and advised the following - the same we will advise you.


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Tips and recommendations on HOW to get rid of scammer:

If you do it - the scammer will leave you alone.

From real experience:

1) Person X wrote to her that one of his Russian friends will contact her. This alone scared 'her' off so her letters became very infrequent and just in parrot repetition about 'dear, try send me money this month as 'I can take vacation this month only.' And she described in most delightful words how they would meet each other at the airport in his town, how he will pick up her suitcase and they will walk together - forward to their everlasting happy marriage. What dishes she would cook , how he would enjoy it. How she wants to be near him and hug him... etc etc... No matter what, she loves him so much and wants to be with him.

Of course, reading such lines especially from a lovely, young lady, the heart of any man will melt under impression of such words of 'beautiful young girl who in reality is a feelingless man, a predator.....a brutal man who not only makes huge holes in a romantic man's budget but breaking their hearts too,.....perhaps forever.

2) In the next email person X wrote her that 'don't worry, dear' I wll send money but with my friend from here. He is going to Russia and I asked him to visit your city and to meet you so that he can give you money and my generouos presents.. I hope you will like it. After this email he never heard from her again. Which again proved that - it was a SCAM.

Some tips: if you wish to find out whether the girl is REAL or not, and if you painlessly want to get rid of scammer, you SHOULD:

a) tell 'her' that you have Russian friends and they want to correspond with her in Russian.

b) tell 'her' that you are planning to come to Russia to meet her. Best if you ask her to make invitation etc. (if she replies that she would rather come to meet you in your country or in any other country, continue to insist. Tell that you always wanted to visit Russia and would prefer to meet her parents and/or relatives. And again ask for invitation. If she is real and serious about you, she would be happy to hear that. Maybe she won't manage to make invitation but at least she will try. And she will find out about accommodations, tours etc.

c) ask her to use webcam. And to show you 'online live' her parents or relatives. (sometimes it might not work though - her internet connection if she lives in small town may possibly be too slow. Or she don't have webcam or her computer is incompatible). But at least give it a TRY.

d) If she asks for money, tell her 'that your friend is planning to visit Russia and will bring money along'. e) in some of your letters, just 'by the way' mention that your friends also corresponded with ladies (dont' say from Russia, say from any other country) and mention that the agency warned him that she is possible scammer. Pretend to be naive, ask her what that could mean and what recommendations she can give.


In our next article we will provide you with tips about HOW TO RECOGNIZE SCAMMERS? what you SHOULD NOT DO. As if you do this, you will never hear from decent lady again. While scammers will send you all 'so-called proof'!



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