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I am sure that you will be quite surprised to learn that most women of European background on matrimonial sites are Russian, particularly with matrimonial services that are meant to foster marriage and dedicated to those who wish to create a family. While dating sites are loaded with ladies from other countries.

Then also, there are hardly any Christian Russian matrimonial websites or Muslim Russian matrimonial websites.


You might have been (and still are) wondering why Russian women? The answer is rather simply profound: Russian ladies are naturally very family orientated and much more homely than most of other ladies from the USA and Europe. And Russian women generally put family above career or anything else.

Russian Muslim woman. Who is she?

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MuslimaMaybe with time and the rapidly spreading ideas of equality and growing feminism, this phenomena will slowly diminish and perhaps even disappear, – but the phenomena of beautiful intelligent women whose priorities are still a husband and children and not a socialite life and career predominates. But for now men from all over the world can consider themselves really lucky that such women still exist. And that in one woman one can find all one can ever dream of: loyalty, beauty, femininity, intelligence, passion, sharp mind, kind, loving heart, faithfulness, understanding, broad vision, excellent shape, numerous talents and skills, romantic nature, willingness to learn, ability to adapt and to sacrifice. The Russian mystical nature blended with a natural instinct given to all women by mother-nature: desire to love and to be loved, to have a family, to make a husband happy and to take good care of children, smart companion, beautiful apple of one's eye, supportive caring friend, loving wife, passionate love and protective mother makes for contentment and a stress-free life.

white Muslima in niqabIn comparison to some "masculine" ladies, Russian women are never oppressive or abusive, but rather soft-spoken. But at the same time not silly and submissive who cannot stand up for herself when injustice is done.

As it is said in one of a world famous poem of the last century: "… There are women in Russian areas…. Beautiful faces, queen's walk, who would dare to stop a running horse, who are not scared to enter a burning house." So basically all such qualities are in Russian blood and taken root since many centuries before.

All of these, fortunately for men, are in the Russian make-up and in their upbringing. Did you know that many Russian women are fond of Indian culture and movies? That they are very inclined to spirituality and mysticism?. Even the scripts of ballets such as Swan lake and many other pieces are specially re-written for Russians to make a happy ending. (for Russians the end MUST be a happy one).

In short what one can say about Russian women in general: full of beauty, love, care and life. Treasures of pearl, with high consciousness of justice, who for goodness received will reward tenfold.

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