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English - Russian letters


In your communications we recommend you to write attractive messages.
Below are some ready-made English-Russian templates:

1. English - Russian letter template

It would be a pleasure to communicate with you. My profile is ---.
Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.

Было бы очень приятно пообщаться с вами. Моя анкеты - (username).
Очень жду вашего ответа. С наилучшими пожеланиями.


2 English - Russian message template

Assalaam Alaikum sister in Islam, I have read the profile, so decided to write from England and to pursue the matter or if you wish to ask questions, please feel free to ask. My ID in this website is: Indian Matrimonials


3. Assalamu Allaikum, read your profile and wish to know more about u if you are interested. Please do feel free to get back to me; even if you don't I do wish Allah should grant you a beautiful life.


4. How about meeting someone from (specify your country)? Hi, I am from --- , Muslim. Please go through my profile and if u r interested then send me reply. Or else, good luck in your search for husband. Thanks and regards,


5. Greetings! I am impressed with your profile, would you be interested in someone like me. may Allah give both of us what is the best.


6. Respected Lady! Very impressed by your profile. I want to marry. I wish to know you. I can be funny, witty and enjoy good life within boundaries of Shariah. If you like my profile, then, contact me. I promise I will always make you happy. Always crack jokes and treat you like a lady. Thanks for reading this note, Regards


7. As salaamu alaykum. It is pleasing to see so many people out there have been blessed with love for our Creator. I hope that you will give this servant a chance to get to know you, & perhaps bring something special to your life. InshaAllah. With compliments from

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